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3 Trends that will transform the Face of Higher Studies in Future

future education systemThe education industry has transformed greatly over the past few decades. With the evolution of technology, we have been seeing tremendous development in this sector from classroom studies to e-learning. And if we go by the emerging technologies in current time that impact the way we learn and teach, universities and institutions will overhaul radically by 2025.

Have a look at the 3 upcoming trends that will mark another revolution in this industry in India.


1. Degrees will lose their Status

Four- year degrees with fixed branches and syllabus will all become pass. In the coming year, every course will be more centred on skills and competence than mere bookish knowledge. This simply means that students will take more control of the university experience. Moreover, they will turn out to be the hub of all curriculum-making, competence building, and pedagogical practices. Learners will be greatly inspired to enrol in higher education by the concept of “how to beat the degeneration of knowledge and technology?”

2.  E-Learning will Dominate

E-learning has proved to be very beneficial for the students in the current time. This trend will continue to evolve in future, too. Students in future will find innovative ways to acquire knowledge with inexpensive data connectivity. They will no more be dependent on books and classrooms by directly connecting with industry professionals, scientists and knowledge workers.

 3. AI, Big Data and Machine Learning will transform the Teaching Concepts

Experts believe that Artificial Intelligence like Siri will take over in education too. In the next few years, “virtual mentors for teaching and/or learning” will be developed to assist learners in getting 21st-century workplace skills. In addition, these technologies will bring about immense data about individual learners, their behaviour and offer personal context to them.

June 3, 2017

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