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Why Entrepreneurship Development Programmes are Important?

Steven Chabot, an American politician and lawyer once said, “I would like to see more funding for entrepreneurial development programs.” …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesApril 4, 2018

How Mobile Application is helpful for Business?

We all keep them in our pockets throughout! Why? Mobile devices have become an indispensible part of our life. Moreover, …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesApril 9, 2017

How to make E-learning Success?

If you’re planning to start an online course, you must consider five eLearning components that are essential for your success. …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesFebruary 4, 2017

What makes you a Quality Leader?

  A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. – John C. Maxwell …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesJanuary 28, 2017

What made Nokia to fail in International Market

There were the days when having a Nokia Mobile Phone was matter of pride and envy of many. The two …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesApril 16, 2016

How National brand is threat to MNCs?

Today MNCs are facing stiff competition from home grown National Brands in various sectors like MDH, Ptanjali in FMCG sector …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesMarch 16, 2016

Online Promotions Becoming an Integral Part of Marketing Strategy

We are in 21st century where digitization reigns supreme! Today, the marketing strategy of any competent brand having ambitious plans …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesDecember 12, 2015

Three myths about growth in consumer packaged goods

It’s natural that for much of the past 20 years, the discourse on growth has highlighted the BRIC countries: Brazil, …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesAugust 30, 2015

Chinese phone makers target India

A smartphone price war is looming in India as major Chinese brands turn their attention to overseas markets to maintain …Read More

Profile PhotoeasymnotesJuly 20, 2015
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