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How Understanding Silence Helps You Acquire Success in Life?

We reside in a chaotic world full of distractions. A world where it is quite easy to get consumed by the societal pressure, personal issues, workplace growth obstacles, and other problems that constitute our daily life routine. This is where the power of silence comes in to our rescue! From all the mess and noise we hear in our routine tasks each day, there are slots of silence that we must utterly recognize and value above all others.

It might not seem much to most people, especially those consumed with the highly congested social media conversations and enjoying every second of their virtual happiness, but silence every once a while is something that holds the answers to all our most burning questions taking life.

Therefore, it’s about time we try to comprehend what silence actually means and how it helps us acquire genuine excellence in life.

Silence is the void between notes

Consider the example of music composition. One of the prime aims of any composer is to make a music that instills high levels of energy in the listeners and makes them emotional. Bringing the listeners close to tears after hearing the music is a dream for any professional. According to experts in the business, the step to creating emotion and getting successful at any task you lay your hands on is to create the silence between the notes.

Here, the emotion we are talking about isn’t the notes of the music itself, rather it’s the way through which the notes create the moments of silence in the situation.

The concept might not seem significant, but could be related to several aspects in our life. Unfortunately, we learn many lessons like these but quickly forget them in no time. Do note that the most emotional moments during a concert can be observed in the instances when the performer keeps the audience hanging on, and waiting for the next note to come.

In those seconds through the pause between the two notes, the audience grabs enough time to comprehend the meaning of the lyrics sung and allow the melody to brush their hearts. Now, the silence in the notes is between the lyrics we hear in any of our favorite track.

A break from our routine personal, social, and professional lives and observing the moments of silence teaches us more about life than any other time.

It’s what we never say

One of the most powerful parts of a movie is when the viewers are left to decide the outcome after the climax on their own accord, the moments when you drown in your own ponderings. Did Rose die right after the last scene of Titanic? Why the scar on the forehead of Harry Potter was still there even 19 years after Voldemort’s death? And similar other countless scenes you can remember from your favorite titles that you think about even after memorizing the movie watching over many years.When we talk about blogging, the best part is that is left unsaid in the content.

The fact is, it’s not about the things we express, but the things we don’t that account for our success. Most of the times there are instance when people react to a situation and judge others, or, go with the flow. Whereas, your case is different, you decide to stay silent and not judge people based on preferences.

Complaining about our misfortunes and things around us is the easiest thing in the world, yet people are drawn to those who think and choose to stay silent. This is because you do realize that besides all the chaos and evil running in the roots of your society, there is still appreciations and beauty coexisting.

What we don’t say about, speaks the most about us. In silence, our body language reveals what is going in our mind at that instant. Apparently, the temptation to keep talking in the thick of the crowd is never ending. The obsession to become self-centered about yourself and adding noise to an already overhyped world is powerful. This is why the essence of silence becomes so significant if you are to start understanding the true virtues and success in life.

Escaping from the constant noise is where bliss is located

As stated above, the world around us is filled with relentless noise hell-bent in disrupting our mental peace. People are constantly seen talking over their mobile phones, social media accounts, WhatsApp group chats, etc.

This is where the lifesaving rescue comes in the form of pure silence, where you tend to find natural bliss. Remember, you only realize your true purpose in life and success when you sit and work in silence.

As Albus Dumbledore says in Harry Potter, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”. The quote although fictional, but perfectly depicts the value and quality of life when an individual realizes what silence means and how success can be extracted right from it.

Author Bio

Richard Presley is a certified psychologist and has a number of internal publications to his name, especially related to personal development, motivation, success in life, etc. Besides his core job and passion in conducting seminars and workshops for students and professionals worldwide, Richard also runs Papers Crux, an accomplished assignment writing service provider catering various college and university level academic disciplines.

February 28, 2018

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