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When you share something you know (or have) with others, you are not just helping others; you are also helping yourselves indirectly.

Easy Management Notes is a resource sharing platforms for the management students, professors, entrepreneurs and research scholars.

Share Your Write-Ups On Various Management Topics

We are a resource sharing platform, where management aspirants feel free to contribute their study notes, articles, documents, research paper, etc to help others.

Why Easy Management Notes?

For Entrepreneurs  

It is a great platform for Entrepreneurs seeking exposure to showcase their knowledge and skills in the field of management.

For Writers

Professors, experts and writers are free to contribute their notes, presentations and research papers to help others.

For Students

Exams are just on the next bend, and you don’t have the right study material?  Online notes come handy during such times.

Meet our Expert Columnists

Dr. Mrunal Naik

Project Head, Raisoni Group of Institution, Nagpur

Dr. Sona Vikas

Associate Professor, IILM University, Gurugram

Rajesh Prasad

Co-Founder & Writer, Easy Management Notes, New Delhi

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