The 5 Best Cities in the World to Study English

Forget about London, New York or Sydney, or, at least, consider other options. If you want to go to study English in an English-speaking country and make a new city in another part of the world your second home, there are better, more welcoming and cheaper options.

  1. Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol Not far from your most expensive big brother (yes, we mean London), Bristol It is a hidden treasure. Home to an independent spirit that has captivated visitors for decades, Bristol is now considered one of the most culturally important cities in southern England. And it happens that it is also one of the most fun-centric places in the world. There are theaters above the pubs and in old breweries (like the Brewery Theater), and music fans could not ask for a better place for summer, when the city is home to dozens of festivals. Underground art and music has always been part of Bristol’s cultural offerings (the city is famous in particular for Drum and Bass and Trip Hop) and offers visitors a fantastic base to explore the rest of the country: like Bath, Cardiff, London and Gloucester. And have we said that it is more welcoming and cheaper than London?

  1. Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane earns points for its quiet environment and its smaller size, which makes it easier for newcomers to orient themselves better than, say, in Sydney. The Brisbane River surrounds the city center, cultural centers, bars and restaurants, turning its banks into areas to go out at night. Brisbane is popular with surfers and hikers, and is a gateway to world-class beaches (such as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast) and relaxing and challenging hiking areas (you can start with Lamington National Park and the Glasshouse Mountains). Do you want to combine your Australian stay with a visit to New Zealand? You’re in luck: the kiwis are only a short flight away. (New Zealanders are nicknamed “Kiwis”)

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

Speaking of kiwis … Students and expats living in the city of Auckland They have a lot of options for weekends in this coastal city that is a stone’s throw away from islands, gulfs, beaches, inlets and hiking trails. You can visit its two coasts (Auckland is between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea), stroll along the island Rangitoto, spend the day in the wineries of Waiheke Island, climb one of the 53 volcanic peaks in the area or a day trip to see the places where scenes from The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. Auckland is also a flourishing gastronomic and coffee center with an abundance of noodle bowls and international dishes. As for learning Kiwi English, you will not be disappointed: New Zealanders have a wonderful selection of colloquial terms that will color your vocabulary in no time!

  1. San Francisco, California (USA)

West Coast Americans are of a different race than their East Coast counterparts, and their more tranquil traditional way of life is very attractive to students and travelers, so I would advise you to go to San Francisco from the hills instead of New York to polish your knowledge of English and that American accent. The city has magnificent views, a great nightlife, delicious food, a lot of history and a modern attitude; all wrapped in a beautiful package by the sea. San Francisco also has one of the healthiest lifestyles in the United States: there are abundant agricultural and organic food markets, crowded restaurants with vegetarian offerings, and many parks, bike lanes and yoga studios on every corner. It also has the much photographed Golden Gate Bridge, the world famous streetcars and, of course, the outrageous sea wolves of Pier 39 pier! Have you forgotten about New York?

  1. Vancouver, Canada

If you think it is ideal to study in a safe city, with a moderate temperate climate, many outdoor activities (in winter or summer!), Spectacular views, great coffee and one of the best Asian food in North America, Vancouverite may be perfect for you This Canadian city has protected its natural environment by strategically limiting urban growth and caring for green areas, including the 405 hectares of Stanley Park (famous for the totem, a fine example of traditional art). As it is close to the sea and the mountains, Canadians take outdoor activities in their blood and in Vancouver they make the most of it, not only is it possible to do water skiing in the morning and snowboarding in the afternoon, in fact, the people do it! Throughout the year, you can see the locals and visitors running, paddle boarding, swimming, skiing and, in general, enjoying the outdoors and life. Why not join them?

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