8 Things Not to Do During an Embassy Interview Round

Complete documents and confidence are the two most significant factors to get Visa on your hand. But mistakes can do blunder and spill water over your dreams of getting to your favorite country. The most critical part of the visa application process is the interview round. But you would be happy to know that these mistakes can be avoided. Knowing those mistakes and the ways of forestalling them help in getting everything done. Many applicants make the mistake of taking the interviewee and the interview process lightly. They forget that the interview is the decider and the visa approval depend on it.

Embassy Interview Round

  1. Providing false information

Judging character and intentions of the candidate are the interviewee’s work. Visa officer with experience easily catches it, and then he can weaken your visa application process. He can stain your character and then carrying out other steps become difficult.

  1. Being nervous

It is okay to show some signs of nervousness to some extent. But crossing the limits and being nervous excessively lead to a weakening of the results. If you get weak and nervous overpowers you, the officer gets a negative impression. This implies a lack of confidence and the visa officer may doubt your capabilities. The only remedy for this problem has confidence. It will help you in tackling the questions with ease.

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  1. Going unprepared

Rehearsal and preparation are important for doing well in the interview. What you can do to practice is collecting a list of potential questions. You can also refer a friend to this. The most important is the way in which the answers are to be delivered.

  1. Reaching late

You will be provided with an exact time and date for the interview by the embassy. So, there is no room for lateness for reaching the venue. If you are moving to another city for the interview and you have been scheduled morning timings, then you might think that you can make an excuse, regarding traffic and all. But booking a hotel near the embassy is advisable.

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  1. Underdressing or overdressing

Even the amount of makeup and perfume matter in the visa interview or any other kind of interview. Yes, now you can guess how much care you should give to your appearance. Clothes, shoes, body posture play a pivotal role in deciding your interview’s outcome. To get the best you need to do the best. What matters the most is the first impression,and you need to nail it in the first time rather than delaying it.

  1. Presenting incomplete supporting documentation

I am sure you don’t want to decrease your chances of getting your visa. So, in order to get it in the first go, you will never reach the venue with half or inappropriately equipped documents.

What to do?

Consider the visa requirements and ensure that every document is complete.

  1. Being overconfident and answering wrong questions

Many applicants in the urge of impressing the official, they utter anything without considering the veracity of their answers. Try avoiding giving inappropriate answers. You can simply skip the question rather than doing guesswork. I am not telling you to just keep your mouth shut and continue to pass on the questions.Speak when you are confident. If you think that skipping a particular question can make you look bad, then rather than avoiding answering it, be open and honest with the visa officer and say it. The best way out would be preparing well by reading the previously asked questions.

  1. Arguing with the official

It is the worst thing you can do in the interview. Disagreeing with the official, bad behaviour, an aggravated tone of voice, will increase the gap between you and your visa.

What if there is an exploratory issue during the talk?

Be calm and while respecting the visa official explain the issue. It will also help in showing your effectiveness towards solving any issue.

These are 8 frequent mistakes committed by the officials. So, in order to outshine the competition, avoid these by practising more.

Good Luck!

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