Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

In today’s fast paced world, distance is just a number and time is just a concept. The best way to survive these dynamic times is to acquire additional skills and what better skill to learn than a foreign language?

Foreign Language

When you learn a new language, you not only gain a certain competitive edge but also boost your career. As our world becomes hyper-connected through technology, it is obvious that by learning another language, you will be able to benefit for many reasons.

Here are some reasons why you should work that into your busy life and aim to become bilingual/multilingual.

You get to meet new people

One of the most sought after benefits of learning a new language is to instantly connect with native speakers and break ice much easily. You could also be learning in a classroom setting, which means that you will be able to make new friends to practice your newfound skills.

Employers will prefer you over others

The employers usually find résumés with additional language skills more attractive. In today’s global economic environment, a resource that can double up as two will always make more sense than hiring two different people for the same job. For example, someone fluent in both English and Japanese will be able to handle Translation from Japanese To English or vice versa with equal proficiency. A multilingual resource can communicate with various communities and will turn out to be a valuable asset for its employer. Most importantly, the fact that you upgraded your skills to incorporate another language speaks volumes about your eagerness to learn which is a desirable trait for many employers.

It is becoming a necessity

Many would agree that being bilingual is becoming increasingly necessary and a crucial skill for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the rising global economy. As more and more people become aware of the importance of learning an additional language, those who speak only one tongue would feel left behind.

It is helpful in traveling

When you can speak more than one language, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities in a new destination. For starters, a foreigner speaking the local tongue can be one of the best ice breakers. You don’t need to be fluent but knowing just a bit too can come in handy in talking with the people. Also, when you are comfortable speaking a foreign language, it makes you feel more confident to get out there and try out your new language skills with the native speakers.

Once you learn a new language, learning another one becomes much easier

When you learn a second language, you will acquire techniques that can be applied to learning additional languages. The exercise during the second language will train you to learn the next one with relative ease. As a result, you are able to replicate the process with multiple languages as your brain breaks down the process into multiple steps, simplifying the process thereafter.

Give your creativity a boost

According to research, multilingual speakers are more creative than those who speak only one language. When you learn a foreign language, you are not only able to logically solve problems but also think more practically. It also makes you experiment with different words, phrases, and sentences. Shoring up your second language skills will force you to upgrade your vocabulary in order to speak and write better.

You gain self-confidence

Many people shy away from trying to learn a new language out of fear that it will be difficult in adulthood. However, that is not true. When you see yourself improving and actually learning a new language, you will feel confident and motivated to go all the way. As you master the level of proficiency, your confidence will increase. Needless to say, confident people attract way more positive vibes and attention than the not-so-confident ones. Imagine talking to all those new people as you practice your language skills with the locals! If you are shy at first, speaking their language will definitely help you open up more easily and positively.

It goes without saying that there are many other benefits of learning a foreign language. The skills acquired through this process are transferable to other aspects of life.

So if you are wondering where to start, luckily you are born in an age where learning a new language is not a distant dream anymore. There are online tools, classroom sessions, and a blend of both that the students can choose based on their convenience. So if you have decided that it is time to add another skill to your repository, then the only decision you now need to make is the language you want to learn!