How are online retailers planning to boost the sale this festive season?

How Are Online Retailers Planning To Boost The Sale This Festive Season

We have already approached the festive season and the business persons, merchants, dealers and customers all can feel the festive vibes with different attractive discounts and offers floating in the market. Whether we talk about the online market or the physical store, wherever we run our eyes, what we can observe is attractive and alluring offers.

Diwali season marks the commemoration of the auspicious New Year and that is why, the customers are on toes to buy new things and when they are offered the same things at affordable prices, it adds to their excitement more.

According to a survey, the online players alone can expect a hike of 20%-30% in their sales only for this festive period. In the year 2018, the festive season acquired half the visits at any ecommerce stores through mobile devices.

So, what should be the strategies this year to get more and more customers. Well, here are some of the notable ways online retailers can boost their sales during this festive season:

  1. Re-pitching the Existing Customers

Festive season will call for a huge footfall to your e-commerce store for sure, but you still need to work on your remarketing strategies that should be designed for your existing customers. Before you target new customers, it is important that you cater to your old ones and keep them with you always.

  1. Calling more engagement through videos and Gif

Images and still graphics are vital, but videos and Gifs are the new trend. The online retailers who are utilizing amazing videos and gifs are able to attract their customers because the customer can feel the emotions when the items are moving on their screens.

  1. Display the top selling products

This goes without saying. Whatever be your best-selling items, it is important that you display them and keep them handy as and when your customers visit your store. Your website’s panel should have all your best products and services displayed.

  1. Offer discounts that are worth

This is festival time and each online retailer is ready to offer discounts to mark magnanimous sales. However, when the customer is offered two similar discounts, he or she would weight it on the basis of quality. If you want your customers to avail yours, give them the quality they want.

  1. Revive the social media

A business without a social media presence is like not doing business at all. Undoubtedly, social media is the focal point for your digital marketing. By pitching your voice through social media platforms, you can win the hearts of your customers.

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This festive season, online retailers are planning something out of the box to pitch more sales. No one wants what is common, and when you try for something unusual, it goes viral and attracts attention.

Video marketing is gearing and it is giving momentum to all those who are actively using this strategy. This festive season, start afresh with all your customers, given them goodies that are worth and add them to your family for a lifetime.

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