How does an eSkill Assessment Work?

eSkill Assessment

Some of the traditional methods of hiring an employee are still prevalent in several companies. These include the procedures like the review of resumes, checking references, simulation exercises, group discussions, etc. A lot of these steps can be successfully replaced with a virtual test which is the eskill assessment tests.

The virtual eskill assessment tests are largely used by several international companies. This test has a large base of topics which can be successfully used for hiring new employees and also for training the already hired employees.

The computer skill assessment tests are basically designed to aid the process of selecting the right candidates for a job. This works an efficient tool for all those companies and business enterprises who need to find an ideal employee who fits the job description perfectly.

Reasons to use Skill Assessment Tests

  • For hiring new employees.
  • To evaluate the performance of employees for their specific roles.
  • To identify those employees who possess a high potential for being a leader.
  • To compare the talents and skills within a firm.
  • To estimate and understand the gaps and talent strengths.
  • To develop a long term value of the employees.

Through this test, the employers can narrow down only those candidates for the interview who are better for the job compared to the rest of them. Although the computer skills assessment tests are generally used in the hiring process, it can be used for the employees currently working in a company as well. By making use of the eskill assessment tests, companies can ensure that the employees working for them have all the required skills to carry out their job in the company successfully.

Job Arenas Where eSkill Assessment Tests can be Used

  • Data entry
  • Customer Service
  • Office Management
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Sales
  • Marketing

The difficulty and the complexity level of the questions would entirely depend on your organization and also the position for which you are hiring the employee. The entire test is web-based, therefore the aspiring candidates can take the test from almost any place with a stable internet connection.

These tests are integrated with some of the popular HR systems in order to fully automate some of the selection procedures prior to the job interview so that the employer does not have to juggle with the selection process and their everyday activities which their business demands.

This makes it easier and convenient for the employer as well because they would not have to undergo the hassle of arranging and moving around things to accommodate several candidates at a particular place.

Once the candidate is done with their test, the score can be accessed by them along with some instructional feedback. The individual improvement of the current employees can also be tracked with the help of these eskill assessment tests.

This virtual test can be customized as per the employer’s requirement. An entire spectrum of topics can be chosen to assess a candidate. These topics range from the basic computer skills assessment like the internet and email to something a little more advanced like systems and files.

A massive library of various topics from more than 600 subjects can be accessed by the employers which are perfect for choosing the ideal candidate for the following positions,

  • C# Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • e-Commerce Project Manager, and so much more!

An employer can combine as many topics as they like from the library to curate a single skill assessment test. This way a company-specific test can be generated making it easier for the employer to filter out candidates.

24-hour access to test advisor would also be provided to the employers who would guide them through the process of designing the ideal computer skill assessment tests initially. Assistance to select the perfect candidate would also be provided to the employers.

Along with the computer skills, the employers can also integrate the tests which assess the candidate’s behavioral aspects as well. Through the computer skills assessment tests, the employers can avoid the guesswork and hire a candidate who is culturally and technically ideal for your company’s success in the long run.

The eskill assessment tests are much better than the traditional methods of selecting a candidate as they have the ability to objectively define, evaluate and measure the skills of the candidates as well as the employees. This is why this method of assessment is being adopted by an enormous number of companies.

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