How to make E-learning Success?

If you’re planning to start an online course, you must consider five eLearning components that are essential for your success. All these components greatly depend on who your learners are. These are as follows:

Audience – Your audience is an important factor when it comes to developing online courses and you must keep them in mind at each stage of your developmental phase. For this, you can conduct an audience analysis to understand the demands and expectations of your audience. Further, you’ll be able to determine the basic structure of the remaining e-learning components.

Course Structure – How your e-learning course is designed is defined in the course structure. The course structure plays a crucial role in how your audience would learn the material. You should brainstorm on how the course should be organized. For this, you can opt for Storyboarding, which is a great way to develop your course structure.

Page Design – Just like the charm and charisma of classroom instructor is crucial; the page design of an online course is also a must. The way a page is designed can greatly impact the learning experience of your audience.

Content Engagement – Content engagement means how the learner engages and interacts with content of the course. Just like the traditional classroom learning, there must be a balance in developing content. While too much engagement can risk over shadowing the learning goals, too little engagement can cause you to lose the learner’s interest.

Usability – Often creative ideas are dropped because they do not work.  In the same manner, a well organized e-learning course can prove inefficient if it does not function well. Usability means testing of e-learning applications and content.


Once you comprehend these 5 major e-learning components, you will be able to build successful and instructionally sound online learning programs.

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