How to save your resume from being tossed in the Trash?

A resume is the most important document in the process of getting a new job. Everyone creates a resume to apply for a new job, but many people make some common resume mistakes due to which their resumes are rejected. As the resume creates the first impression of a candidate before the hiring managers, everyone tries to write more in it. In this post, we are going to tell you some points to make you a better selection criteria writer.

Use an Easy to Read Format

Hiring managers usually spend 15 to 30 seconds for scanning a resume. They simply reject the resumes that are difficult to read. Usually, the resumes that are lengthy and written in the poor format are rejected. To make your resume easy to read, write it in a clear format with clear headings and margins. Bold the headings and subheadings to make it easy to read and guide the reader’s eye. Write the resume in the order of career summary, a summary of qualifications, work experience & achievements, technical skills and hobbies. Anyone looking at your resume should get the clear idea of your qualifications, skills, and experience within the first 15 seconds.

Use Correct Grammar and Spelling

Making the spelling and grammatical errors are the common resume mistakes that people make in their resumes. You should strictly avoid the spelling and grammatical mistakes to avoid your resume getting trashed. If you are not good at the English language, try getting your resume made from a resume writing expert or you can check your resume using online spelling and grammar checking tools. Proofread your resume twice before sending or submitting it to a job employer.

Specify your Work Experience and Accomplishments   

Some people do not specify clearly their previous work experience and job accomplishments. For example, they write,

I have worked as a manager in corporate broadband sales.

Now this sentence doesn’t specify the person’s job responsibilities and achievements. Instead, he or she should write it as

Worked as sales manager in corporate broadband sales, achieved various sales targets, managed a team of ten sales executives, received appreciation and recognition several times.

The above sentence helps the hiring managers understand your previous experience and achievements in a better way and increase your chances of getting the interview call.

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Use the Relevant Keywords

Most hiring managers use software to scan the resumes for job openings. Usually, candidates are not aware of this and don’t use the keywords relevant to the job for which they apply. The software does not find the relevant keywords and rejects their resume in the scanning process. Hence, one must be a good selection criteria writer, in order to get selected, for his/her desired job. Your resume should contain the relevant keywords to get screened for the further process of shortlisting. For example, if you are applying for a writing job, you should use the keywords like content writing, editing, blog writing, web content etc.

Make Specific Resume for Every Position

Some people make the mistake of applying for all jobs with one resume.  This is the common resume mistake people make when applying for different jobs. Fresher candidates usually make this mistake as they apply for jobs in different fields. A common resume does not work for all types of jobs and get rejected at the first glance. You need to make a job specific resume while applying for a position and use the relevant keywords so that your resume gets shortlisted for the interview.

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