Is an online MBA respected or it is a complete waste of time?

MBA, since its evolvement has been a subject to continuous debates, few good, few controversial, and few dubious, but still the educational offering remains as a hot degree, wanted by many corporates and aspired by many students and professionals. Since the 9 to 5 culture has chained many competent and accomplished professionals to the sluggish seats, the window of applying for an MBA degree in full time mode remains a confused question. On the other hand, the alternatives to a full time MBA being an online MBA, has its own set of established confusions. Talking about this “much talked” about concern, we share our validated answers on online MBA being a waste or a required go.

The cost of flexibility:

The word “flexible” is the ultimate sale point of an online MBA. Professionals have less time to invest in their studies and more time (thanks to their job) to listen to their obnoxious bosses, which forces them to retire from their dreams pretty much early. But the choice of flexibility offered from reputed colleges who do bid for an effective online MBA course has made many professionals rethink their path of career pursue. Several HRs today, knowing the harsh reality of corporate culture has also agreed to give the earlier denied relevance to online MBA now. Online MBA have advanced in its value and now is credited similar to any full time MBA, provided it is being pursued from a recognized college or university.

Plenty of high ranking colleges have come up with flexible, more suitable and affordable MBA options with more attached benefits. Professionals can take benefit of more active placement options and other curriculum options with online MBA. This a plus of online MBA which is now more qualified than simply quantified.

Online MBA unites experienced professionals:

Since everything in life is a two way traffic, online MBA has attracted value and perfection through its continuously growing schemes, how, by having several working professionals, high ranked officials and scholarly students. With the benefit of flexibility, ease of time management, opportunity to study along while working (easy implementation), and quality curriculum, comes the benefit of quality students. Many professionals has with time shared their views of having a more-real-world experience as they are able to navigate in the industry more profusely. They get more choices in terms of profiles and are able to apply their learnings in a more mature fashion. The colleges and universities on the other hand are able to bring more exceptionally qualified people under their roof, further giving them the chance to upgrade their curricula based on autonomous feedback, attract more multinational corporations and create online cohorts that understands the global market.

The confidence of Indian Government:

Although online MBA has been with us since so many years, but the major shift in the whole perception about it came when the Indian Government appreciated the courses offered to students based on disadvantageous locations. The Government since past two years has changed its statements towards the more “advantages of MBA” which has affirmed attention of many recruiters. Many corporate companies at present consider online MBA as the residential program in case it is from a recognized college or a university and the applicant is from has a strong work experience.

A prevalent step towards the e-learning mode:

Since the whole online education system is based on e-learning tech and latest additions of teleconferencing, the perception around the concept has changed. Faculty have become more technologically backed up while students take more interest in their learning. Many private and privileged universities are combating with each other by providing online classes furnished with best technology and offering 24×7 support to the aspirants. This has helped professionals and recruiters gain trust in the program, which is again a significant shift in the entire perception of the online MBA offering.

The added advantage of being affordable and dynamic:

Since residential MBA programs attack directly at the pocket leaving behind people in educational debt, online MBA saves the aspirants from the unhealthy and torturous fiasco. Aspirants can continue their work while they pursue MBA from any recognized college or university as they maintain balance in their bank accounts. This affordable offering has made many restrictions fallout and opportunities pour in favour for the aspirants.

On the other hand, the continuing debate about MBA being dynamic in nature has also somewhere seen its end, as the curriculum is adaptable to the dynamics of business and education both. The curricula followed in the traditional settings normally takes around months in waiting of perusal, but in the case of online MBA, the students stay up-to-date with the course settings.

The Bottom Line:

The whole ideology towards online MBA has changed with the years. Many universities and colleges are coming up with solid plans to help professionals adjust the learnings in their busy schedules as they maintain their jobs. On the other hand, perceptions always have a shaky ground, they change with time and so has the perception of online MBA changed during the course of years. It is advantageous and definitely not a waste of time, since recruiters now has a change of ideology. Keep learning and keep progressing! Wish you all the luck!

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