Should I go for an MBA or MSc in International Business Management?

Should I go for an MBA or MSc in International Business Management

Irrespective of whether you want to pursue a post graduate course from a national or International university, MBA would always seem an obvious choice if you want to forge a career in management. Despite many other post graduate management courses, MBA has maintained its popularity due to the versatility and scope it offers to the students. Nevertheless, there are certain professional degrees that can help you carve out your career in the same way as an MBA. One such course is MSc in International Management.

Before we move on to spot the difference between the two and you decide to choose between the leading MBA programs, let us understand basic definitions of pursuing an MBA and an MSc.

MBA or MSc?

MSc is a degree that would focus on one specific subject or specialization. For instance, if you are looking forward to pursue international management, MSc will divert your track completely towards international management, leaving aside all the other management specializations. Thus, for people who are looking forward to pursue their career in one specialized field, MSc is the perfect choice.

MBA, on the other end of the spectrum, is an all-inclusive degree. From the beginning, you will be taught all the management subjects and within a year or two, depending on the MBA type, you will be proficient in understanding business and it’s major. It is only in the last semester that you are asked to choose your specialization, which will give your professional life a direction. MBA will make you a master of business and once you have your degree in hand, you will be adept with all the business fundamentals.

MBA has a wide scope with respect to its syllabus while MSc is precise and specific. However, the scope of master’s in international business is also wide and lucrative.

The Decision

The course you should choose for yourself would depend upon various factors. Before you pick up your degree course, try to answer a few questions that will help you take a better decision, such as:

  • Which degree yields better career prospects given the current business trend?
  • Which of the two degrees is going to get you a higher pay check?
  • Which of the two degrees will help you churn out as a better individual with a shining personality?

The degree that you choose for yourself also depends upon your personal interests and life situations. If you are from a business-minded family and want to start your own venture in the future, MBA would be the best course for you. However, if you want to pursue a career in one specific field without any change, MSc in International Management or any other branch of specialization would suit you.

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Furthermore, there are a few points we would like to highlight about each course that may help you make the right decision:

  • MSc is, basically, a course for fresh graduates who are keen on taking up a particular specialization for their career. Experienced professionals do not opt for MSc, they go for professional executive MBA degrees that suit their stature.
  • To pursue MSc in a particular field, it is compulsory that the undergraduate degree is pursued in the same or similar kind of a branch. For MBA, this is not the requirement. Even a person from the science background can apply for MBA degree.
  • For MSc, there is no need of any prior work experience. However, prior work experience is considered an added benefit while applying for an MBA degree.

Both the degrees have their own pros and cons. depending upon your interests and professional goals, you can take a call about which degree is better for you. For instance, if you wish to become a business-savvy professional, you can go for an MBA degree and later specialise in the field you want to work in.

The business syllabus in both the courses are largely the same, only the teaching pattern may be different. In some countries, it is only the name game. Like, in the countries like UK and Europe, you will be offered courses like PGDM and MSc, while in the US, you will find more MBA and MA courses.