Study of Taylor and Fayol

Both Taylor and Fayol were eminent personalities in the world of management who gave their own proven and effective theories on various managerial aspects contributing to the development of science of management.

The contribution of these two leaders in the field of science of management has been recognized as “The work of Taylor & Fayol. Both of them realized that issues of employees and their management at all levels is the key to individual success. Both the pioneers used the scientific method to this problem in their own way. While Taylor worked upwards from operative level, Fayol focused on managing director and worked downwards. This was simply a reflection of their different careers.

Points of difference in Study of Taylor and Fayol

Both the pioneers differ from each other in following aspects: –

  1. Taylor focused on management from the perception of supervision and tried to get efficiency better at operating level. In general, he moved upwards while forming theory. Whereas, Fayol examined management from top management downwards. Hence, Fayol had a broader vision as compared to Taylor.
  2. The philosophy of Taylor came to be known as the “Scientific Management” however Fayol described his approach as “A general theory of administration”.
  3. Taylor’s main aim was to improve employee productivity & to remove all type of wastage through standardization of tools and work. Whereas Fayol attempted to build a universal theory of management emphasizing on the need for teaching the theory of management.
  4. Taylor concentrated on the fact that management and his principles are applicable to shop floor. However Fayol focused on functions of managers and that the general principles of management wheel could be applied to all equally.

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Similarity between Study of Taylor and Fayol

Both Taylor and Fayol emphasized on mutual co-operation between employment and employees.

Evaluation of their Studies

While Taylor’s story has undergone big change because of modern development, Fayol’s theory is more widely applicable than that of Taylor. Fayol’s principles of management have proved to be feasible since years and are still being accepted as the basics of management theory.

What Psychologists Say?

According to Psychologists, Taylor’s study had several downsides: –

  1. It overlooks human factors as it considers them as mere machines.
  2. It also ignores human needs, desires and aspirations.
  3. Disconnection between Planning and Doing.
  4. Dissatisfaction caused due to comparing performance with others.
  5. Scientific management does not give a single best way for solving problems.

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