The Brighter Side of Internet Addiction

Our title today might baffle you a bit as how an addiction can have positive outcomes? We can enlighten you with your answers to the following questions:

  • Where do you look for information about a particular college, course or online study guides?
  • How can you see that live cricket match between India and Pakistan when your Television isn’t working?
  • How do you shop when you don’t feel like stepping out to the market?

Yes, you guess that right! All the above questions point towards a single term – INTERNET.

Benefits of Internet

While your mother might have been screaming at you for your excessive social media usage, it is a fact that internet addiction has its positive side, too. From personal to professional life, and kids to elderly, internet addiction can prove to be very fruitful. However, the condition is you should be aware of its “How” part. And here it is!

Information Warehouse – Whether you know it or not, Internet can be a great way to access, impress and express for us. It is the largest ocean of information in the universe where you can multiply your knowledge base with every single click. Whether it is about online study help or finding a nearby location or a job, you can get all sorts of latest information, on the internet in real-time.

Instant Communication – Missing your home staying away in a different city or country? Simply, pick up your smartphone and give your parents a video call and you’re done. Internet has significantly turned this entire planet into a “small world”. With the increasing social media channels and other means of online communication, connecting with people residing even in the darkest corner of the world has become so easy.

Redefined Business – With e-transaction and e-wallet services, making payments, transferring money, conducting overseas business and online shopping is a no big challenge now.

Entertainment – Internet today is the biggest source of leisure. It allows you to play games, watch the latest and even the oldest movies, listen songs, enjoy live matches, make new friends, and much more, anywhere and anytime. Even your aged grandpa can kill their boredom without the need to get up from their bed!

These are the some of the basic positive aspects of using internet that have great importance in life. Hence, Internet addiction is indeed beneficial, if used in a smart and sensible way. Keep Surfing!

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