Tips to Getting a Graduate Job in IT and Technology

Tips to Getting a Graduate Job in IT and Technology

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From public service to banking and retail, IT professionals are paramount. This is because all spheres of society are using IT to enhance their productivity. This is definitely good news for people who are venturing into IT. When you are looking for a graduate job in this area, there are things that you need to consider to be successful. As alluded to above, the jobs are many and all you need to do is know how to access these opportunities. This article shows you how you can do this and be the best candidate for the job. Needless to say that when you apply these tips, any employer will have a very hard time ignoring you.



1. Define your role clearly

IT and technology is a broad area and there is a myriad of professions that fall under this category. When you are looking for a graduate IT job, you need to know what your skills are. This will be dictated by your area of study or specialty. Some people do not have IT degrees but fit very well in many IT roles. Others will have specific IT qualifications. There are numerous roles that you can fall under including; web design, support analysis, programming and even technology consultancy. Where do you fit best? To this end, you need to have gravitated towards a specific area of specialization so that you can convince the employer regarding your suitability. Therefore, know your role and be clear about your area. If you are versatile, make sure you are able to do things per excellence to avoid being a jack of all trades.

 2. Sharpen your soft skills

To get a graduate IT job, you need to go a step further and acquire practical soft skills that will matter in your job. A good example is having excellent typing skills. Professionals who have mastered touch typing will be more impressive to the employer. In addition to typing accuracy, a lot of time will be saved as the professional can deliver work in a short time. Interpersonal skills and knowing how to deal with customers are other soft skills that will make you a successful graduate IT professional. Therefore, acquire these skills and include them in your resume. An excellent communicator is after all better than a brilliant programmer who cannot close a deal.

 3. Go for internships while in school

You can never start too early with your career. In this case, look for internships while in school and start learning. This will not just open your eyes to real life job situations; but it will help you appreciate what goes into making a company function. As an intern, look for extra opportunities to learn as you ask questions; this will help you learn the mind of the employer. While serving as interns, many students get to learn that a fresh graduate on the job is just but a starter. We become brilliant through daily learning and getting this lesson early will help you navigate your way around an IT graduate job. Above all, seek to build value in your skill set; have an attitude that seeks to solve problems to make things better wherever you go. There are many other benefits of being an intern and when looking for a graduate IT job, internships will greatly help your chances of landing the perfect job.

 4. Be vigilant in your search

Young people looking for graduate IT and technology jobs tend to give up easily. The truth of the matter is that, as much as there are many opportunities, the number of professionals entering this sector make it cutthroat. In this regard, you have to search everywhere until you find what you are looking for. Making online applications is good but you do not have to stop there. Do follow ups and call if necessary. Some people will physically visit different companies and in this respect, you have to be truly aggressive to be noticed. Keep in mind that there is a difference between aggression and desperation. The problem with begging for a job is that your confidence is compromised. Therefore, make no apologies as you continually knock on doors and be clear on the value you have to offer. When looking for the job, you have nothing to lose; so go for it.

 5. Make your resume professional as you apply

When making applications, make sure your resume is clear, concise and accurate. All references must be correct. Avoid applying for different IT jobs in the same company if you do not qualify accordingly. Your academic papers must be in place as well as your working experience. Avoid exaggerating different elements and highlight the working skills that you hold. An employer will look for employable skills and overall suitability for the post. Therefore, know what the job entails and make sure you are the right fit. Remember, an impressive resume is fine; but an impressive IT and technology professional is even better.

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