Top 5 Countries to Study MBA and How to Choose the Best One?

The craze for pursuing MBA has taken a different shape in the recent past. The ambitious and enthusiasts who want to rise up the corporate staircase and live a life with fame and luxury are craving for international MBA.

Here is a short discussion on the top 5 countries that might enlighten you.

The USA (United Stated of America):

Undoubtedly the best destination with the maximum number of prestigious business schools across the world to pursue MBA. The main advantage to study in USA is that here you get to build a strong professional network with renowned and established entrepreneurs. Here you get the opportunity of quality education along with the latest technological support and through professional exposure. The USA is distinguishably well ahead of other countries because maximum number of international students are drawn to pursue MBA from these top notch business schools or universities to achieve knowledge from experts and from international student body and to earn the degree which will make them stand amidst the crowd in the long run.

The UK (United Kingdom):

One of the prominent business hubs in the world, the UK also draws innumerable number of international students to pursue finance and business studies. The salary packages and other associated chief benefits are higher if the budding entrepreneur has done it from a top business school of the UK. The chief advantage that the institutes offer is that the MBA programs are usually for 1 year or less than 2 years which is not common in any of the top countries. London, being one of the significant decision makers with regard to finance and business provides plenty of opportunities to the aspirants. If you dream big and your goal is focused, you must opt to study in UK for an MBA program.


It has emerged as one of the chief economical hubs and it has been considered as one of the best academic destinations to pursue MBA. Affordability compared to the USA and the UK is the chief key to draw more and more international students. It is the best country for management, finance and business courses.  Many universities and business schools offer several programs with tenure of 12 to 16 months. Home for a booming economy with some of the most influential companies in different sectors, Canada cannot be a wrong choice at any cost. Rather to study in Canada can be simply the best with regard to pocket friendly costing, hassles free immigration possibilities and excellent career opportunities.


Have you ever thought to have a glimpse on the countries which are standing at the threshold of emerging as one of the most influential economical hubs? Singapore falls in this category and if you decide to study in Singapore, it is going to give you the best professional boost undoubtedly. Home for some of the largest companies, Singapore provides qualitatively enriching job opportunities. It has created a place for itself and some of the top business institutes or universities have been included in the list of top business schools of the world. Another attraction to pursue MBA here is, it extends a number of specializations in MBA which might not available in other countries.


Many businesses across varied sectors having the French origin, the decision to study in France can yield best of results. Worldwide acknowledged for the extensive research priorities, French universities focus on inculcating the innovative thoughts amongst students which is an essential prerequisite for an aspiring entrepreneur as in today’s competitive world. Last but not the least France gives you some of the best internship and job offers at the end of the course.

Do your research carefully to match your personal preference, economic aids and other facilities and choose the best one.

Good luck..!!

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