Top 8 Canada Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala

Top 8 Canada Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala

Canada is an extremely popular choice as a destination to study abroad, for international students. The place boasts of a great education system, good security, picturesque locations and amazing opportunities for employment. Canada is an immigration friendly country with a large number of prestigious universities and abundant employment opportunities. All these reasons attract thousands of students to study in Canada. 

The process of applying to study in Canada takes quite a lot of effort. Taking the help of experienced study abroad consultants in Kerala will help you get to your dream university, easily. There are several Canada study abroad consultants in Kerala. Here is a list of top 8 Canada Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala that you can choose from.

ImmiLaw Global

Of all the educational counsellors or Canada study abroad consultants in Kerala, Immilaw global is the best option. They select the best institution for you, keeping your needs and interest in mind. They also take care of the visa application, admission letter and post-arrival services. They assist in obtaining your financial certificates as well as help you get an education loan.

Immilaw global offers an all-inclusive package and will assist you right from the process of selecting an institute to get a permanent visa. If you are planning to get enrolled in a reputed university in Canada, you should definitely call Immilaw Global’s overseas education consultants for assistance. It has provided immigration as well as study abroad consultancy services for years and is the most reliable option for you. 


Santamonica is a dynamic facilitator for overseas education, originating in Kochi. If you are looking for Canada study abroad consultants in Kochi, Santamonica is one of the best options available. 

They have set high benchmarks in education consultancy. Santamonica has offices all over south India and is in association with almost 30 countries and several universities. They offer services to assist you in your application as well as the admission process to Canada. Santamonica uses state of the art technology and has a client-first policy which makes their services very valuable.

 Global Education Consultancy 

Global education consultancy is another good option to look at if you are looking for Canada study abroad consultants in Kerala. They offer comprehensive service packages and are highly cost-effective as well as suited to the academic interest of the students. 

Global education consultancy assists you in tests, application process, as well as helps you choose a university you are eligible for. They provide imported study materials and computer tests to ensure that you get the best possible assistance in choosing the right university. 

M & G Immigration and Study Abroad Consultants

M & G Immigration and Study Abroad Consultants is yet another great option if you are looking for Canada study abroad consultants in Kochi. It offers guidance on courses and universities in Canada, depending on your requirements.

M & G have registered migration agents in several countries, to make your migration process smoother. They help you get free of cost study permits in Canada. M & G Immigration and Study Abroad Consultants have qualified professionals and offer permanent residence visa assistance after you finish your studies. They charge a very reasonable price for their service and value client satisfaction.

CanApprove’s Overseas Educational Consultants

CanApprove’s Overseas Educational Consultants provide various services such as free counselling to students in Kerala. They help students choose the university that would be best suitable for them. They also help the students understand the scenario of the education industry.

CanApprove’s Overseas Educational Consultants in Kerala assists you in the process of document submission and visa application. They have been in the business for almost two decades and have reliable industry knowledge. They have helped several students achieve their overseas education goals and continue to provide great services in the industry.

CREDO Careers Pvt. Ltd 

Credo Careers is another great option when it comes to education consultants. They boast complete transparency in their processes. Credo helps their students achieve the level of proficiency in English, required by several Canadian institutions. 

Credo assists the students in not only getting the right academic institution based on their skill set but also take care of the journey as well as accommodation. They also train the students in soft skills.  They provide commendable services and give prime importance to student satisfaction. 

Jubeerich Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Jubeerich Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is one of the most reputed Canada study abroad consultants in Kochi. It has around 20 years of experience in overseas education services. It offers a one-stop solution for all the students and professionals who wish to pursue their higher studies as well as want to enhance their careers. 

It is an ISO certified company and boasts of well-defined precision when it comes to the process of application for studying abroad. Be sure to check Jubeerich Consultancy, if you are looking for a reliable Canada study abroad consultancy in Kochi. 

ABC Study Links

ABC study consultancy provides career counselling as well as guidance in visa application and other processes for studying in Canada.  They have a high visa success rate and are associated with almost 17 countries. They take into consideration the educational, financial and personal profiles of the individuals before providing them with options. 

They educate the aspiring candidates regarding international education as well as assist them in the visa application process. They are known to abide by the code of ethics and provide time-saving services. They have experienced staff that makes sure you have no trouble during the application and admission process. 

Pursuing your education abroad is not a hassle-free task. It has a lot of procedures and requirements that need to be met. It is not always easy for us to have a carefully planned approach. Making any mistake during the process could cost you your career. However, several Canada education consultants are available in Kerala to ease your load. They take care of your dream, right from the application to even getting a permanent visa in Canada, after graduation.

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